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Learn more about routine home care and how it can help you and your loved ones.

Understanding Routine Home Care

Hospice has four levels, and routine home care is the most common level. This level of care is focused on upholding and/or enhancing the comfort and quality of life of terminally-ill patients as much as possible. Routine home care can be provided in various settings, including assisted living facilities, memory care clinics, skilled nursing facilities, or at the patient’s own residence. Depending on the patient’s condition, care needs, and wishes, the hospice patient may experience all or one level of hospice.

Given the hospice patient’s current condition, receiving care every now and then is critical to prevent complications and manage their health. Routine home care services are designed to visit patients at home according to a scheduled time. A multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals will perform the routine visits at the patient’s preferred setting of care.

Routine Home Care Services

  • Symptom Management
  • Pain Management
  • Emotional Counseling
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Assistance with ADLs
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Nutritional Services

Routine Home Care Team

  • Hospice Physician
  • Registered Nurse
  • Hospice Aide
  • Social Worker
  • Chaplain
  • Bereavement Specialist
  • Volunteer

Other Levels of Hospice Care

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