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Receive Comforting Care at Home

BRIARGATE HEALTHCARE SERVICES INC. is committed to providing care, support, reassurance, education, and resources to patients with serious, chronic, or life-limiting illnesses as well as their family members, throughout their journey in life.

We understand that knowing that you or your loved one has a serious, chronic, or life-threatening illness can be overwhelming. It can be hard to deal with your emotions. That is why we are here to lend a hand during these trying times. From basic assistance to medical care services, our hospice care team is equipped with competence and knowledge to help alleviate pain, manage symptoms, and maintain or improve the quality of life of ailing individuals within their homes or medical facilities.

Services Offered

Palliative Care

We help improve your quality of life amid illness.
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Routine Home Care

We oversee your health and wellness at home.
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Continuous Care

We strive to manage your condition and symptoms.
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Inpatient Care

We can care for you within a medical facility.
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Music Therapy

We utilize music to soothe your feelings.
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Speech Therapy

We address your speech and language issues.
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Occupational Therapy

We help you regain your independence.
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Physical Therapy

We assist you in restoring your mobility.
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Be a catalyst of change with our team!
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Pet Therapy

Experience the therapeutic benefits of pets.
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Are You Ready to Get the Care You Need?

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